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Asthma Management Systems LLC is an Adherence Population Health Company focusing on improving the health and reducing the cost of patients with severe asthma. AMS has developed the Asthma Adherence Pathway, which is a proven effective clinical method to improve medication adherence and prevent unnecessary emergency and hospital care.  The focus of the Asthma Adherence Pathway is to change patient behaviors about medication use and improve asthma control. The Asthma Adherence Pathway is a web app consisting of: 1) a patient survey to identify barriers to adherence: 2) effective strategies for clinicians to address each barrier; 3) Motivational Interviewing training for the clinician on the platform to maximize delivery of strategies. The app works in concert with Internet-enabled adherence monitors for asthma inhalers to give real time adherence data to clinicians and patients.  Asthma Management Systems will be launching the Asthma Adherence Pathway within a major Delaware health plan in 2019

CompassRed: Data to explore, Insights to uncover

At CompassRed,  we use millions of data points and artificial intelligence to automate internal processes, uncover insights and predict future demand.

Our solutions enable clients to  save money, 
avert risk, drive revenue and better understand category and consumer needs.


Danio Connect is a platform that bridges the gap between businesses and nonprofit supporters. We are pulling together a community of organizations that serve more than 3 million people and their families.  It provides a new way for non-profits to stay in contact more effectively with their members, donors, supporters, and the people they serve. Through Danio connect these organizations can learn more about your business helping you reach a broader and interested audience.

Delaware BioPlastics

We have a process do break down a component of biomass called lignin, that currently is mostly burned for energy. This process produces a platform chemical mixture that we then use make performance materials, such as adhesives, battery electrolytes, and rheological modifiers. 


A completely digital, peer to peer currency which can allow you to pay anyone from anywhere at any time.

It’s decentralized, meaning that there are no banks or third-party entities that have to manage your transactions, giving you total control of your currency.

It’s secured by blockchain technology, making it extremely safe from theft and can verify legitimate transactions.

Payment and exchange are fast, safe, and reliable.

This app turns your phone into a personal safety device. At the push of a button, Eye Need A Witness alerts other nearby users within your community in seconds.

Potential witnesses receive the alert when a nearby caller requests a witness or sends a danger alert at a time when they may feel unsafe.

Both the caller and the witness locations appear on the map, along with any text, photo, audio, or video details that may have been sent with the alert.

Chemicals made from oil and natural gas have become crucial to our daily lives, but using these feedstocks comes at the cost of our climate and environment. At Lectrolyst, we're building a brand-new chemical synthesis platform which uses electricity and carbon waste from renewable sources to create essential chemicals which drive our world. With this scalable technology developed here in Delaware we're able to produce a wide range of products to directly meet the needs of our customers, from generating small-batch specialty chemicals to becoming the beating heart of high-volume production. Lectrolyst - transforming the carbon you don't want into the chemicals that you need.  is a Paragraph.

Lyapunov Technologies provides product and service that address high-stake risk/reward problems with a proprietary quantitative decision making process that underlies a wide range of financial markets. We have a business model involving proprietary trading and investment management. We see potential for our core technology to extend into untapped areas of business that can be benefited from our unique and innovative data-driven approach


Microsoft HoloLens Mixed reality: Your world is the canvas. Modernize your business with mixed reality. Holographic computing made possible. Create, connect, and collaborate with HoloLens apps. See how you can bring your ideas to life with Mixed reality.



Resonate Forward, LLC (RF) has developed an untethered, vibration therapy technology that has shown improvement in the disabling gait and tremor disorders caused by Parkinson’s Disease.  The technology is patented and licensed from the University of Delaware.  Our products- RM Band™ and PD SHOE ™ are currently in the pre-clinical trial stage at a major university medical center. 


Spekciton Biosciences

We are a biotech measurement science and technology company. We support increased understanding and performance for crops, fermentation and other bioprocesses through novel biophotonic measurement services and analyzers.

Sustainable agricultural yields through rapid and precise early warning detection of plant viability and stress.

Biosensors for fast contamination detection on plants, soil, water and food, plus nutrient and microbe content

Shear thickening fluid (STF) is liquid and flowable at rest, but instantly and reversibly transitions to solid-like behavior upon application of stress or impact.  STF may be used directly in “smart” motion control devices that do not require any external power source.  Alternatively, STF can be added to a performance textile to create STF-ArmorTM to provide superior protection against physical hazards while maintaining comfort and flexibility.  Our products and services include textile finishes and treatments for puncture, stab, or ballistic resistance; dynamic rate-responsive “smart” textiles; impact-resistant and damage-tolerant composite materials; and rate-responsive fluids for dampers and motion control devices. Target markets include protective equipment (e.g. body armor, industrial gloves, surgical gloves), specialty fluids (e.g. dampers, power transmission, oil drilling), medical devices/prosthetics, and composite materials. is a Paragraph.

, transforming transportation is an innovative platform that connects parents through collaborative ridesharing aimed to create opportunities for their students. 

TeleFix Group is a world leader in advanced wireless solutions that developed the forward-thinking award-winning ecosystem Wallace for telecom and field service industries. Wallace automates processes, resolves mission-critical skills gaps and shortages to provide fault proof reliability using cloud based connected and integrated technologies. Businesses get smarter and faster results plus productive happier workers. Powered by LTE, Wallace is like air traffic control for field work - A high tech way to manage high tech work. Re-imagining work to impact lives and bottom-lines (™)

W7energy is a University of Delaware startup that manufactures a new class of patented polymer anion exchange membranes and ionomers, branded as PiperION. These membranes and ionomers are urgently needed for affordable zero-emission fuel cell vehicles, clean hydrogen generation, and many other clean energy applications.

LignaMed, LLC is developing LGM2605, a small molecule that is expected to salvage donor lung organs that are currently not suitable for lung transplant for use to improve donor lung storage conditions and extend the donor lung preservation period prior to lung transplant surgery. The company is in advanced development of LGM2605 for the improvement of lung function parameters in ex vivo donor lungs in advance of transplant surgery.  LGM2605 is a synthetic version of Secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG), which is a lignan component of flaxseed.  In partnership with Wilmington Pharmatech, the group led by Dr. Ke Li has developed a scalable chemical synthesis of LGM2605, which allows generation of pharmaceutical grade material in large scale with control over purity and dose. LignaMed has a proprietary synthesis of LGM2605 under GMP conditions.  This work has enabled the company to proceed to advanced studies and potentially accelerated regulatory approval.